As I am in the very early stage of my business finding someone to help do an initial business plan was absolutely crucial, but I never thought I would find the help I needed. Someone who could clearly describe and make sense of all my brilliant business thoughts and ideas, then clearly describe them in the correct business format. Smart Business Plans was definitely able to do this and more. Nadine (Principal Planner) has been a huge help; I found her very reliable and very thorough. She understood my business conception completely with no hesitation. What I have now is a clear concise well written business plan, market research and cash flow projections for the 1st year. She achieved for me in 2 days what would have taken me 6 months. I can now move on to implementing and researching further information for my up and coming business. I hope the rest of my business plans run as smoothly as they have with Smart Business Plans.
Georgia (Owner), My Health for Women