Starting a small business can be a stressful time as you approach your opening, with so much to do and so little time to complete it! Well this is what we found as we tried to get our cafe up and running. We also had another goal which was to sponsor an international chef for our kitchen. The amount of paperwork and documents we needed to prepare for this task was fearful to say the least, knowing that the department of immigration would be scrutinising and unforgiving if something was amiss. In the centre of this application is a document called a business plan, and without a well structured plan and strong financial forecast the application would fall flat. I had a fairly good idea of what we needed to do but after a couple of attempts writing my own business plan I found it time consuming, the last thing I needed at that time. This is when I came across Nadine and Smart Business Plans. Perfect, the service I was looking for did exist! She asked me questions about my business that I had not even thought of and after the phone call I felt that she had enough information to construct of fairly good plan. Well the document I received was impressive, it reflected the business that I had in my head accurately. It even included a financial report that was approved by our accountant. Well our business is up and running and our sponsorship has come through as well, I guess you could say things are going to plan.
Lou Camboni (Owner), Mister Bojangles