Words cannot express our gratitude for how easy you have made this for us. We spent more than a week trying to put one together ourselves, armed with books and umpteen copies of other people’s plans. Every one was completely different and there just wasn’t one that expressed what we wanted to say or that applied to our situation. And then we found you! My very first thought on opening our first draft from you was ‘Wow!’ I phoned David at work and he said ‘Wow!’ I still can’t believe that from a 30 minute phone call you managed to capture so accurately our ideas and visions for our store. And then to receive a first draft within 15 hours is simply incredible! We have so much riding on this and it was so important for us to get it right from the very beginning. And you have produced exactly the document we had in our thoughts but couldn’t get onto paper. Your professional, affordable and very, very fast service has blown us away. We will recommend you in a heart beat.
Cheryl and David (Owners), IGA Supermarket