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We are very pleased with the outstanding work you have done, and will happily recommend your services to our networks.
Daemon Hunt (Owner), The 3rd Wave
Thank you very much for your prompt service, the business plan is exceptional and is very pleased with the result. I couldn’t have made it so professional myself so thanks once again.
Kath Stone (Owner), Reclaim Wine Bar & Cafe
I had a wonderful experience with Smart Business Plans, especially Glenda, who was a great help and would consider doing business again :)
Luke Howard (Owner), Bean Cove
We would just like to take this opportunity to thank both yourself and Glenda on a super job. The quality and detail of the plan is outstanding. It will help us immensely in realising our dream of running our own business. Once again, thank you both very much.
David & Leigh (Owners), Brumby's GO! Muswellbrook
Thank you for the business plan. It was put together very well, in a short time, and the department store have responded in a postive way. I will highly recommend your personalised service.
Sarah (Owner), The High Tea Garden
Just wanted to say quite impressed with your work. Everything looks very professional and legitimate.
Dax (Owner), Commercial Road Cafe
Thanks for the great work you have put into the business plan. The service from Smart Business Plans was excellent.
Wilson (Owner), @ Afro Dot Net
Starting a small business can be a stressful time as you approach your opening, with so much to do and so little time to complete it! Well this is what we found as we tried to get our cafe up and running. We also had another goal which was to sponsor an international chef for our kitchen. The amount of paperwork and documents we needed to prepare for this task was fearful to say the least, knowing that the department of immigration would be scrutinising and unforgiving if something was amiss. In the centre of this application is a document called a business plan, and without a well structured plan and strong financial forecast the application would fall flat. I had a fairly good idea of what we needed to do but after a couple of attempts writing my own business plan I found it time consuming, the last thing I needed at that time. This is when I came across Nadine and Smart Business Plans. Perfect, the service I was looking for did exist! She asked me questions about my business that I had not even thought of and after the phone call I felt that she had enough information to construct of fairly good plan. Well the document I received was impressive, it reflected the business that I had in my head accurately. It even included a financial report that was approved by our accountant. Well our business is up and running and our sponsorship has come through as well, I guess you could say things are going to plan.
Lou Camboni (Owner), Mister Bojangles
Thank you so much for you great work. As I explained I had no idea where to start with a business plan. You have given me the whole thing on a plate! It’s great now I can move on and hopefully own my own Coffee shop. Thanks again.
Mary (Owner), JR's Coffee Lounge
You have expressed my vision clearly and succinctly with the utmost professionalism. You’ve saved me a lot of time and effort. The business plan has definitely met my expectations.
Michael (Owner), Genesis 1:29 Cafe
Nadine is very responsive and flexible in producing a business plan document in a time frame and format that you require.
Paul (Owner), Intravenous Cafe
Thanks for all your help, you have been brilliant and an absolute life saver!
Phil (Owner), Dzire Cafe and Bar
I’ve received the documents safely and they’re perfect. Thank you for being so succinct, efficient and graceful when looking into my tiny business, I’ve really appreciated it. Everything feels much easier to understand now.
Kiera (Owner), Moshi Moshi Coffees
Absolutely fantastic job, your business plan has helped me understand my business concept even better, saved me countless hours and looks great. The presentation really helps give it that professional feel and I am totally confident my proposed investor will be very impressed. I can’t thank you enough.
Shaun (Owner), The Juddy Roller (Cafe)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! You have delivered a genuine, impressive document – true to your word – extremely quick turnaround – less than 24 hours and I have a super impressive business plan!! You totally understood everything I said and managed to get my thoughts and ideas out of my head and onto paper and share some great advice as well. Greatly Appreciated.
Jennifer and Darrin (Owners), Coffee Tree
We finally decided to open up our own business, great…now where do we start? A Business Plan! Sounds easy enough, we know exactly what we want to do and have all these great ideas, so lets get to it! I sat down to start writing my business plan and although I had all these great ideas and things to say, I just could not get my ideas on paper! I knew having a well thought out business plan was an integral part of our process, so this is when I decided to get some professional help. I looked Smart Business Plans up and gave them a call, I had a chat with Nadine (Principal Planner) and knew very quickly that she was attuned to my needs and would be able to help me. The final product was more than we had expected. We received a very professional business plan within 24 hours, including market research. This was such a big help as we were a bit time poor. As we were also trying to negotiate a deal for our lease, after reading our business plan, they knew we were very serious about our new venture and the ball started rolling and has been since then! Thank you so much for your service, it was very professional and very quick, and has been a very big help to us. We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone!
Sam & Ros (Owners), Miss Piggy Cafe

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